Friday, August 10, 2007

One American Voter's Principled Stand On Election 2008

To all candidates for national office in 2008:

Fuck pro life and pro choice.

Fuck gay marriage debates.

Fuck family values.

Fuck The Global War on Terror.

Fuck Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fuck Creationism and Flag Burning.

Fuck debates on religion.

Fuck gun control and the 2nd Amendment crap.

Fuck who's the most macho on foreign policy.

Fuck what an asshole your opponent is.

Fuck knee-jerk praise for our screw-the-pooch troops.

Fuck waving the bloody 9/11 flag.

In short, Mr. or Mrs. Candidate, if you try to ride your way into office on your favorite hot-button hobby-horse, you just galloped into my no-vote zone.

If that means I don't vote for anyone, then fuck our so-called Democracy.

I'm so ticked off at the classless hypocrites that run for Congress and the Presidency that I'd seriously consider dropping my spineless registration as an Independent and registering as a member of the Anarcho/Syndicalist, Athiest, Islamic-Jihad, Communist Party, if there was one and if I could find a local chapter and there weren't any dues and I didn't have to go to meetings.

On the other hand, maybe I can be bought.

Make an offer, jerkwads.

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