Sunday, August 3, 2008

Huffington Post Censors Are Big Fat Idiots

In his August 3, 2008 article on the Huffington Post excoriating New York Times Op-Ed columnist Michael Gerson for inventing facts for a column, blogger David Sirota said:

"Michael Gerson's column suggesting Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter for vice-president is the latest example of someone paid to report the facts actually refusing to do 5 minutes of work to, ya know, report the facts."

Yours truly snarkily observed:
Is this the same Michael Gerson who was President Bush's head speechwriter, 2001-2006? [it is] If so, it might explain a lot. Maybe it's harder to get rid of the stupid than we think.
This Socratic-like witticism was summarily deleted by the always challenged Huffington Post Censors. The rats!

Comment on the comment: Where Mr. Sirota, in effect, was calling Mr. Gerson a liar, yours truly was merely noting Mr. Gerson had spent 5 years writing stupid speeches for our fearless President and may not yet have fully recovered. Sheesh! Get a clue, Huffington Post Censors.
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RobE said...

I have had more than 350 comments censored at Huffington Post. So I started a blog about it where I feature a samling of my comments and whether they made it through the screeners or not.