Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Huffington Post Censors Protect The Republican Slime Machine

Alex Castellanos, one of the premier GOP hit men in the McCain Campaign (bio here), recently regurgitated one of his signature, fact-challenged Jeremiads at the Huffington Post, targeting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Castellanos first fumes that on his European trip, "Obama was not only treated with respect, he was received enthusiastically, a public affront to an administration, lest we forget, still in power," then pats himself on the back with, "McCain's recent attacks have worked." Got to love these dead-enders.

In the spirit of pointing out that the Emperor isn't actually wearing any clothes, yours truly offered this scintillating observation:

Thanks for the laughs, Alex. Your post rivals some of best satires available here. Considering the fact that you admit you're on the McCain Campaign payroll in your bio info, I'll keep an open mind on whether you intended the humor or are just being the good, little soldier. Best wishes.

Now I ask you, what could be milder than that? Notwithstanding the penetrating wit, the cowardly Huffington Post Censors got on their high horse and blitzed this gem. The rats! Evidently, this illitrate crew stands in daily terror of not sucking up to Republican hot shots. Either that or they have one of those whacky quota systems. Phew!
This is the third in the continuing series detailing the idiotic behavior of Censors backstage at the Huffington Post.

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