Monday, November 27, 2006

Lie detector test

Grant me the premise that all politicians are demagogues, here, there, everywhere.

Demagogues never do or say anything in public they think will threaten their position.

Instead, every public utterance and move is designed to protect and enhance their political power. It's why they have aides, speechwriters, and handlers.

Because of this, all their public statements, all their public actions, no matter where ostensibly directed, form a narrative that is, without exception, directed at their own constituencies.

Demagogues know their personal survival depends on their success in shaping popular perceptions in their favor, or latching on to a popular position that already exists.

They know, or ought to know, that when they misjudge popular perception through something as simple as hubris, their days are numbered.

This concept does much to clarify the stormy history of the Middle East.

For example, the history of failure with Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, and why the current Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire will fail.

Negotiators controlled by demagogues always talk past each other to their own populations.

Taking it one step further, it also explains why a fractured Iraqi population will not tomorrow awake with the light of peace shining in their eyes and lay down their arms.

Listen carefully to the narrative their leaders are feeding them. For Iraqi leaders, this is a zero-sum game where only the the most violent will survive, yet one more reason to remove our forces now.

Taking the concept just one step further, consider the confused and confusing narratives daily pushed at us by our own set of demagogues on this and other important issues.

Any questions?

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