Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Now I lay me down to sleep

When I go to bed at night, I pray the next time I see a TV or cable news show featuring a spin doctor, they'll be hanging from the end of a rope flung over a branch of a Live Oak tree in rural Southern Maryland surrounded by flashing lights and yellow tape.

Not seriously, just saying.

What I'd prefer is the same scenario for the TV/cable news producers and executives who perpetrate this baloney, but they're harder to visualize.

The justification the TV/cable network perps claim is that they're providing “balance”, as if shrieking lies can inform the truth.

Where do these “experts” come from?

Many of them began their so-called lives as inept attorneys or failed academics and now live on a dole from think tanks funded by insane millionaires.

Others majored in Liberal Arts and, when they realized they had no marketable skills beyond supersizing, weaseled jobs as congressional gofers, then sidestepped into working for one of the many vanity political magazines funded by insane millionaires.

As you may have noticed, about the only things spin doctors have in common is that they aren't smart enough to get hired by a K Street lobbyist and, of the available career paths open to them, all involve, at some point, an insane millionaire.

Some of the insane millionaires make their money in the TV/cable news business.

Go figure.

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