Saturday, November 25, 2006

Psychic confession

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but I happen to be psychic. I've been able to read minds ever since I was struck by lightening at the age of 7.

The limit on my mind reading ability is kind of wierd. Except for one special case, I can only read the minds of very boring people. This limit provides a strong incentive for me NOT to read anyone's mind, please believe me. So I very seldom exercise this talent on purpose.

The exception is that I can nearly always tell any person what card they're thinking of, unless they have an extremely high I.Q. And strangely, it doesn't make any difference where that person is. They can be across the room or across the world. Any time of the day or night. I can be awake or asleep. Doesn't make any difference. And it works over the internet.

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~~Caitlyn said...

I notice that in the first picture, there is no queen of hearts, and in the second there is. There is also, on second inspection, no king of diamonds, queen of spades, jack of hearts or king of clubs. Nice trick, though. Took me a couple of tries to work it out. I got to your age via an amusing comment on the Dilbert blog, if you're wondering.

Sam Thornton said...